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 Leather Double Toe Straps Red.
 Handlebar 877A Alloy 22.2mm White.
 Leather Double Toe Straps Yellow.
 Tire Duro 27" x 1" Pink/Pink Side Wall HF-156B.
 Tire Duro 700 x 23c Purple/Purple Side Wall HF-156.
197101 Straight Muffler Chrome.
197105 Straight Muffler Gold.
197202 lowrider Muffler W/Holes Chrome.
197204 lowrider Muffler W/Holes Gold.
197206 lowrider Muffler W/Holes Black.
197303 Muffler W/Holes Chrome.
197315 Muffler W/Holes Gold.
197404 Muffler Oblique W/Holes Chrome.
197517 Muffler Oblique W/O Holes Gold.
197521 Double Muffler Oblique W/O Holes Chrome.
197525 Double Muffler Oblique W/O Holes Gold.
197606 Muffler W/Cage Chrome.
197618 Twisted Muffler W/Cage Chrome.
197621 Twisted Muffler W/Cage Gold.
197707 Twisted Muffler Chrome.
197719 Twisted Muffler Gold.
197808 Twisted Muffler W/Holes Chrome.
197820 Twisted Muffler W/Holes Gold.
197909 Quadruple Twisted Muffler Chrome.
197923 Quadruple Twisted Muffler Gold.
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 Lucky 7 Steel Sprocket 1/2 X 1/8 44t Gold.
 Custom Swirl Velour Grips Pink.
 Tire Duro 20" x 3.00" Black/Black Side Wall DB-1022.
 Knock-Off 3/8" 24t 645 Gold.
 24" Classic Spring Fork 1" Black.
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