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 700c V 51mm Alloy Track/Wheel Set Sealed Bearing 32 Spoke 14gSS/Black 3/8 Axl Blue.
 Sissy Bar Clamp Gold.
 Handlebar 826A Alloy 22.2mm Red.
 Spade Safety Light KS-216 Clear/Purple.
 Spade Safety Light KS-216 Red/Orange.
185202 Single Twisted Blot Cover Chrome.
185214 Double Twisted Blot Cover Chrome.
185404 Boom Ring Twisted Knock-Off T/Less Chrome.
185408 Triangle Twisted Knock-Off T/Less Chrome.
185606 Cross Knock-Off Front 3/8" 26t Chrome.
185618 Cross Knock-Off Coaster 3/8" 24t Chrome.
185808 Knock-Off 3/8" 26t Left Chrome.
185812 Knock-Off 3/8" 26t RightChrome.
185820 Knock-Off 3/8" 24t Left Chrome.
185824 Knock-Off 3/8" 24t RightChrome.
185828 Knock-Off 3/8" 26t Left Gold.
185832 Knock-Off 3/8" 26t Right Gold.
185840 Knock-Off 3/8" 24t Left Gold.
185844 Knock-Off 3/8" 24t Right Gold.
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 krate Rubber Pedals 1/2 Brown/Gold.
 Double Muffler Oblique W/O Holes Chrome.
 Lowrider USA Name Plate White/Black.
 Lowrider Name Sticker AT Black Ground Transport.
 Shimano Tourney Shifter Brake/Laver Left Rear 7 Speed ST-A070.
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