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 Saddle 1205 Endzone Silver.
 Leather Double Toe Straps Green.
 Tire Duro 700 x 38c Purple/Purple Side Wall DB-7044.
 Track Handlebar 153 Alloy 25.4mm Red.
 26" Beach Cruisers Carrier Green.
 Translucent Resin Body 745p PC Pedals 9/16" Pink.
 Tire Duro 700 x 40c Yellow/Yellow Side Wall DB-7044.
 Alloy Chainwheel Set 48T x 170mm Red.
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 Freewheel Single 22T x 1/8 SFW Brown.
 Tube Duro 22" x 1.50/1.75"/1.90" 33mm Standard Schrader/Valve.
 Alloy Rear Derailleur Hangers 011 Silver.
 Coaster Hub Kits 20t Black.
 6017 Repair Tube Patches.
 Cable Lock 10mm x 36" 39716 Red.
 Alloy Rear Derailleur Hangers 017 Silver.
 Steel Seatpost 28.6mm Black.
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